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Coaching and Counseling for Couples

Relationship Checkup and Maintenance

Most couples treat their cars better than they treat their marriages. Everyone knows that if you do not take preventive maintenance seriously your vehicle will eventually break down. This is the same principle for your marriage. If you do not take preventative measures your marriage will eventually fall apart. Regular relationship checkups and maintenance will help you better understand and maintain the health of your relationship or marriage.

Premarital Counseling and Marriage Strengthening

Identify personal and relationship strengths and growth areas, explore personality traits, strengthen communication skills, resolve conflicts and reduce stress, compare family backgrounds, comfortably discuss financial issues, and establish personal, couple, and family goals.

Troubled Marriage Emergency Repair

No one ever gets married with the intent to be divorced. But due to life’s challenges it is easy to fall out of love with the person with whom you were once madly in love. Divorce is never the only option for those who truly want to restore love, trust and intimacy back into their marriage. These sessions are for the couple who is determined to see their marriage thrive again and begin to realign their vision and goals to their dreams.

Recovery from Infidelity: Saving Your Marriage

The pain of an affair is perhaps  worst pain that you can ever face. Martez and Woodrina both know this pain personally from their own marriage. Healing from the emotional betrayal of an affair is a slow process, but because Martez and Woodrina have traveled this path they both know how to guide you so that you can move and heal at an accelerated pace.  These sessions are only for those couples who are both committed to seeing their relationship restored after trust has been broken due to an affair.

Couples Coaching and Counseling Pricing
*Payment Plans Available*

Couples Relationship Maintenance Check Up Session

  • One 90 minute session with Coach Martez
  • Prepare Enrich Assessment with Results
  • Gain Clarity and New Insight into your Relationship
  • Consider this as the oil change for your relationship!

Premarital Counseling and Marriage Enrichment Package

  • A savings of over $395.00
  • (8) 1 hour sessions with Coach Martez
  • Prepare-Enrich Assessment
  • Prepare-Enrich printed homework and discussion questions
  • State approved certificate of completion used for most church pastors and courts
  • Great for couples who desire an approved certified premarital counseling program
  • Married couples should see this package as a complete tune up for their marriage!

60 Day Premium Package "Save My Marriage From Divorce"

  • Everything from the Marriage Enrichment Package
  • (8) weekly sessions with Coach Martez that are results driven, not time based
  • Mid Week checkup via email or phone to check progress (10 min max call)
  • Prepare-Enrich Assessment
  • Prepare-Enrich printed homework and discussion questions
  • Other Life / Marriage assessments to assist in the restoring the love progress
  • (8) Intense Result based sessions which cause dramatic change

60 Day V.I.P. Premium Package with both Coach Martez and Woodrina Layton, NCC, LPC, CAMS

  • Everything from the 60 Day Premium Package
  • Everything from the Marriage Enrichment Package
  • Both coaches Martez and Woodrina take part in each of your sessions for maximum results and to provide insight from both perspectives
  • Other Life / Relationship assessments to assist in determining better methods of communication, forgiveness, and MindStyle
  • An autographed copy of "A Blessed Affair: Be Careful What You Curse – Your Curse Could Be Your Blessing"
  • Personal access to both coaches Martez and Woodrina in time of emotional crisis

Martez and Woodrina are empathetic to your needs, but they both can provide you with a solid support system and an unprecedented level of respect. For each of the services packages you can either choose to have them done by phone or Skype. If you are in the Greater Atlanta area you may have your sessions done in our office. If you are in the Greater Atlanta area and would like to have the services provided in privacy of your home there will be an additional fee depending on the location. Because each person or each couple may have different unique needs or circumstances, if one of these packages doesn’t fit you, Martez or Woodrina will create something specifically for you.

Martez Layton, CPC is an Overcoming Infidelity Expert and Life & Marriage Coach, who offers you the answers to questions you did not know to ask. Are you lacking clarity? Are you feeling confused about what’s going on in your life? Can you afford to make another wrong decision? The good news is that right now you are in the right place at the right time and with the right coaches to help you get unstuck and get your life or marriage back on track. The next step starts by you taking action by signing up and having a conversation that will change your life.

The fact that you are here on this site and on this page is proof that you ready to make a change today!!

*Payment plans are available. For information please contact us at 678-453-6501 or email info@dreambuilderscoaching.net.

Coaching for Individuals

Individual Strategy Coaching

Take a deep breath with Coach Martez and the gain the clarity you need to remove the fog in your mind. Most often the stress or pressure that you are facing can be reduced by gaining a fresh new insight and a different perspective.

Individual Refocus, Refresh, and Realign

Bring your life and dreams back into alignment with your true purpose and passions. Many of your frustrations are caused simply because you are not operating in your uniquely gifted area of passion. Coach Martez will help you to rediscover what truly brings you inner happiness and you will learn what is hindering you from achieving your goals in life, business, relationships or marriage.

Individual Coaching Pricing*

60 Minute Life / Relationship Strategy Coaching Session

  • One 90 minute strategy coaching session with Coach Martez
  • Gain Personal Clarity for your vision, goals
  • Receive a new perspective to give re-energize your creativity and passion
  • Discover what is truly holding you back for achieving your dreams and goals

30 Day Refocus, Refresh, and Realignment Coaching Session

  • A Savings of over $100.00
  • Everything from the 90 Minute Life / Relationship Strategy Session
  • (4) 1 hour sessions with Coach Martez
  • (4) Intense sessions to totally realign you with your purpose and passion
  • Mid week check up via email or phone (10 min max call)
  • Accountability partner to ensure you are staying focused and committed to your goals

*Payment plans are available. For information please contact us at 678-453-6501 or email info@dreambuilderscoaching.net.