Seeking premarital counseling?

Looking to make a good marriage better?

Struggling with communication or trust in your relationship?

Feeling overwhelmed from the pain of betrayal?

We have been there and we can help.


Seeking premarital counseling?

Looking to make a good marriage better?

Struggling with communication or trust in your relationship?

Feeling overwhelmed from the pain of betrayal?

We have been there and we can help.

Our mission is to heal hearts and homes through professional Life & Marriage Coaching and Counseling based on God’s word, love, and grace.

You are at the right place at the right time with the right coaches!

Martez and Woodrina Layton

Meet Martez and Woodrina Layton

You are in good hands with Woodrina and Martez, together they make a great professional coaching and counseling team. This is a nonjudgmental safe zone, because Martez and Woodrina both know exactly how it feels to be blessed while dealing with emotional feelings of being broken, bitter and betrayed by the person you love.

Whether you have a dream in your heart that you are struggling to achieve or wanting clarity regarding the person you are considering marrying, or looking to simply improve your marriage and divorce proof your loving bond, Martez and Woodrina can help you achieve your life or marriage goals.

As Overcoming Infidelity Specialists, Martez and Woodrina specialize in helping couples and individuals affected by infidelity restore their lives and move forward from an emotionally broken place to being emotionally whole again. Leading Overcoming Infidelity Expert Martez Layton, CPC states, “An affair does not have to destroy your life or your dreams of a happy marriage or family”.

Married for over 25 years, the Laytons' life journeys have given them the experience,  skills, and knowledge to navigate you to the life and marriage that you desire.

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A special message from the Laytons

Learn why Martez and Woodrina are working to change lives one relationship at a time.

Overcoming Infidelity Coaching

Being coached by Martez and Woodrina through the emotional pain of betrayal.  You will be able to avoid many common mistakes that make the healing process longer and more painful.  Here are a few nuggets Martez and Woodrina learned during their recovery from infidelity.

An affair does NOT have to destroy your marriage or the future dreams of your family.

If you don't change your perspective regarding your pain, the pain will change your perspective regarding your promise!

Marriage with un-forgiveness is like a beach with no sand.  Forgiving your spouse for infidelity is one of the greatest tests of love that you will ever have to face in your marriage.

Every affair sends a message, but it is your acceptance and the acknowledgment of that message that will determine your process of healing and restoration.

Individual Life Coaching

Everyone has a dream, vision or passion in their heart. But many times the difference in achieving that dream or not is having someone to help you remove the mental stumbling blocks.  This is the true purpose of Life Coaching to hold you accountable to maximizing your full potential.

Premarital Counseling

One of the greatest investments you can make in your marriage is professional premarital counseling.  Many challenges that a couple will face in their marriage could be discovered and prevented by professional premarital counseling.


Marriage Enrichment

Marriage is not a sprint - it is a marathon.  Marriage maintenance is to your marriage just as vehicle maintenance is to your car. If you ignore it eventually it will completely break down.  This is true for every marriage.  There is no perfect marriage but there are two people who are perfectly aligned in their purpose and passion in their marriage.  

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Kind Words from our Clients

Martez is a exceptional coach and motivator. His down to earth approach has helped me in dealing with my P.T.S.D. as well as my marriage. Being a comedian and suffering from low self-esteem, Martez’s upbeat talks and his integrity has allowed me to carry on with my ministry of laughter. I recommended and fully endorse Martez Layton.

Vernard Hines

Vernard, Chesapeake, VA


Martez conducted numerous career coaching sessions with my wife and I that are invaluable. He demonstrated an enormous degree of expertise and his advice was succinct but huge in actionable scope. He was very pragmatic and sensitive to my degree of understanding. In addition, his style was open and inviting to questions (and expressed appreciation for them) and willingly gave his time to responding to questions thoroughly. Martez is extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable about his work, which is infectious. I certainly would recommend him for anything that falls within his widely-diverse area of Life Coaching.

Ronald Young

Ronald Y., Chesapeake, VA


Martez gave me a wonderful coaching session. He was able to zero tight in on my brilliances and showed me the true value of what I have to offer. He was able to quickly identify a negative belief that I had been harboring for quite some time that I wasn’t aware of and helped me turn that around. I felt like he really understood me in the short time we talked and I came away with some new ideas for building my business that he suggested. I think Martez is a very caring, sensitive, and understanding coach who can bring out the best in people and I highly recommend him.


Jeanette K., Fairfield, Iowa


I highly recommend Martez as a speaker, leader, and coach in the area of relationships. 

I have known Martez many years and have seen the deep, authentic, burning passion in his heart for individuals and their relationships. He has a wonderful sense of humor and is not afraid to use it. Martez has been courageous in his life, as well as in building his business. 

Anyone would be fortunate to work with Martez on a one-on-one basis, or engage him as a featured speaker.

Nelda Choate

Nelda C.

Martez is dedicated to his mission that GOD has placed upon him. He's professional and very caring towards his clients. He is results focused, easy to talk to and non-judgmental. His life's experiences and foundation of faith have prepared him for his calling. I would highly recommend Martez to any group or individual.


Wayne Bell, Jr.

Wayne Bell, Newport News, VA


I am in the process of divorce but not in this case it’s not a failure it is an opportunity for me to become all God is perfecting in me for my destiny partner. Without Martez's and Woodrina's invaluable guidance there is absolutely no way I could see it from this perspective. It started with marital counseling with both Martez and Woodrina and over the last ... 3 or so yrs. has become something completely different. They were a source of true bedrock in helping me to rebuild my personal foundation. I was stuck. I could not see past my then circumstances of pain and grief and complete stagnation. But God...things are clearer, lighter, full of potential and I can truly believe that joy does come in the morning and is renewed daily. Now with Martez as my life coach/God sent warrior angel I believe that I will fly again. Mounting up like eagles ready to do the dang thang. A true blessing.

Dr. Stephanie Sanders, Chesapeake, VA

Dr. Stephanie Sanders


When my husband told me he wanted a divorce in 2014 I thought we could work it out. But two months later when I confirmed he had been having an affair for several months I knew things were going to be much more difficult.

One day, while looking up cheating spouses on the internet I came across Coach Martez Layton and the Dream Builders Professional Coaching website. As I read through the website, I knew it was not an accident that I found Coach Martez. It was a God thing. 

Through the hardest part of my marriage, Coach Martez was there encouraging me. The things he said to me made so much sense and really put things into perspective.

My husband and I did not reconcile, but that’s okay, because “Me looks good!” This was the phrase Coach Martez gave me to encourage my emotional growth, and I keep it close to my heart because I know I have a whole life to look forward to. 

I am now in graduate school, and my chosen path is Social Work. I know I would not be here without Coach Martez’s love and support. He is my brother in Christ, and a friend!

Thank you Martez! 

Traci Caitlyn

Traci C.



Coaches Martez and Woodrina Layton have coached me and my husband through the most painful experience of our life. After 20 years of marriage, I was shattered in discovering my husband's infidelity. During this time I sought help from clergy and family. No one was able to make me feel whole again. I was fortunate to find Coach Martez and Woodrina Layton on the Internet. Martez and Woodrina coached my husband and me during this crisis. They were impartial and they related their own story which helped my husband to feel comfortable enough to truthfully commit to the marriage coaching. 

Their non-judgmental approach coupled with their expertise and spiritual connection to God made the outcome powerful. I can honestly say that I don't know where we would be if I had not found Coaches Martez and Woodrina Layton. They not only saved our marriage but also gave me the strength and courage to know and understand my own worth. Martez is not only challenging and insightful, but also patient and understanding, with remarkable instincts and knowledge.

The skills and concepts we learned will be invaluable for the rest of our lives. Our experience was transformational, and our marriage was restored and empowered. My husband and I just celebrated our 33rd Anniversary. We realize that we never would have made it past that crisis without their coaching and direction. I was so inspired by Coach Martez Layton that I began to pursue becoming a Relationship Coach to help restore Marriages.

It is our honor and privilege to highly recommend Coaches Martez and Woodrina Layton. It is my opinion that they are the best in their field, our marriage is proof of that.

Carl and Audrey cropped 

Carl and Audrey R., New York, NY


Learn how the Laytons can help you

How can the Laytons help save and strengthen my marriage?

Many times in the marriage the biggest challenge or struggle is not because of the two people who made the commitment to one another, instead it is what the two people in the marriage do not know or understand about themselves or one another.

According to leading expert on overcoming infidelity Martez Layton, CPC, “Most couples become frustrated with one another because their relationship is missing the core ingredients for success which are: having a solid love foundation, the right influential relationships, correct information, a positive perspective, encouragement, motivation and nonjudgmental support”.

As a power couple team, Martez and Woodrina provide both professional marriage coaching as well as professional counseling. 

Why are Martez and Woodrina qualified to help me?
How do the Laytons approach their roles as life and marriage coaches?
What benefits will I gain by working with Martez and Woodrina?

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Book Cover for A Blessed Affair

Our Book: A Blessed Affair

This is our true story of healing, forgiveness and restoration after the pain of infidelity.

This book is for everyone.  It is inspirational, thought provoking and compelling. This book questions your perspectives and causes you to take an emotional inspection of yourself and will leave you with a genuine understanding and appreciation for true love and forgiveness.

In A Blessed Affair you will learn how to grow from emotional tragedy to emotional triumph: “Be Careful What You Curse, Your Curse Could Be Your Blessing!"  In A Blessed Affair we cover key issues such as communication, anger, forgiveness, spirituality, and steadfastness.

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Praise for our Book

Dr. Stacie Otey Scott cropped"A Blessed Affair" is an open and transparent view of the fall out that can occur when a spouse devalues the opinion of their partner creating an atmosphere of hurt and distrust. The real power in this book, however, is its testament to the power of God to heal and strengthen through adversity. Martez and Woodrina Layton have truly put forth a book that has practical application for couples dealing with infidelity or mistrust.The healing principles they share focus on  concepts that are valuable in every relationship...accountability, forgiveness, acceptance and most of all, love. If you’re finding it difficult to heal from relationship wounds rooted in infidelity, "A Blessed Affair” is a must read! It could be your first step in “growing” through your pain.  

Dr. S.O.S., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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