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Is your marriage "bliss" or a "love hit-or-miss"?

  • Seeking premarital counseling?
  • Looking to make a good marriage better?
  • Struggling with communication or trust in your relationship?
  • Feeling overwhelmed from the pain of betrayal?

Whether you have a dream in your heart that you are struggling to achieve or wanting clarity regarding the person you are considering marrying, or looking to simply improve your marriage and divorce-proof your loving bond, we can help you achieve your life and marriage goals.

“Our mission is to heal hearts and homes through professional Marriage Coaching and Counseling based on biblical principles, love, and grace.”

Coach Martez and Woodrina Layton

how we help

Make Your Marriage Stronger

Couples’ Coaching

Relationship Reset

Bored? Stuck in a rut? Not feeling the love? Relationship Reset uncovers the issues threatening to weaken your bond and create an assessment on how you two can move forward – stronger than ever.

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Premarital and Marriage Coaching

Champion the Courtship

Whether you want some premarital advice on how to keep the love flowing before and after the wedding excitement wears off or are in need of some coaching on how to rekindle the flame in your marriage, you can count on us to give you steps, tools and straight talk to do precisely that.

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60-Day Marriage and Affair Recovery Coaching Program

Sidestep the “D” Word

For 60 days, you’ll get the tools, resources and assessments to enrich your marriage, strengthen your bond and make the dramatic changes necessary to clear away any lingering thoughts or considerations of “divorce." 

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60-Day VIP Marriage Coaching Program

Double the Love

They say two heads are always better than one and during our Double the Love VIP Marriage Counseling Program, you’ll get marital advice from one power couple to yours. So, if you’ve been struggling with one-sided counseling where you feel the counselor is siding with your partner, all that stops here.

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Dreambuilders testimonials headshots_0001_Ronnie and Shamari DeVoe

"There are two words to describe Martez and Woodrina Layton, “heaven-sent!” After being in a broken place, they were able to help us restore our marriage and realize the true value of our commitment to each other. They also helped us see that we are” destiny partners” and we have a bigger mission and purpose to each other, our family, and our community as Marriage Ambassadors."

Ronnie and Shamari DeVoe