Affair Recovery Counseling and Coaching for Atlanta, GA

Have you or your spouse had an affair with someone else? Are you struggling to pull the pieces of your marriage back together? If your marriage and relationship are hurting, Dream Builders Marriage Coaching & Counseling can help with our affair recovery counseling and coaching in Atlanta, GA.

Let us help you and your partner heal your hearts through professional marriage coaching and counseling grounded in faith-based principles.

Affair Recovery Counseling and Coaching

Dream Builders Marriage Coaching & Counseling wants to help our clients rebuild trust with their partner, reset their relationship, and recover their marriage. We offer a marriage and affair recovery coaching program to help you strengthen your marriage, make necessary changes, and learn how to deal with the aftereffects of infidelity.

In our affair recovery counseling and coaching program, we go over the following steps:

  • Dissecting your relationship from the beginning
  • Exploring where the marriage began to have problems
  • Admitting there is a problem in the relationship
  • Committing to get the help and guidance needed

We aim to help our clients peacefully move past their current struggles so they reestablish their commitment to each other and avoid any thought of divorce. To accomplish this, our courses offer results-driven coaching and counseling sessions with check-ins between appointments, assessments and discussions geared toward conflict resolution, and education on how to restore the love and trust in your marriage.

Dream Builders Marriage Coaching & Counseling

Are you ready to heal and move forward with your relationship? Can you imagine the possibility of restoring your marriage back to a healthy, thriving, and loving relationship? Dream Builders Marriage Coaching & Counseling is dedicated to making that happen with our affair recovery coaching and counseling in Atlanta, GA.

Book your coaching and counseling recovery program today or get in touch with us by sending us a message. We look forward to meeting you and helping you rebuild and restore your marriage.



60-Day Marriage Coaching Program

Sidestep the “D” Word

The first step to sidestepping the “D” word is dissecting the downfall and exploring where and when your marital bond began to break. The second step is admitting there is a problem and making a commitment to get the guidance you need to never think or utter the havoc-wreaking word, “divorce.”

And for 60 days, you’ll get the tools, resources and assessments to enrich your marriage, strengthen your bond and make the dramatic changes necessary to clear away any lingering thoughts or considerations of “divorce.”

This program includes:

  • Eight weekly results-driven sessions designed to get to the root of your issues – no matter how long it takes to get there
  • Mid-week 10-minute check-ins to ensure couples are doing the work to consistently move forward
  • Enrichment assessments, worksheets and discussion sessions that take a deep dive into downfalls and conflict resolution
  • Life/marriage assessments designed to give each individual the tools to restore the love in the marriage

While there’s no such thing as eternal marital bliss, there IS a such thing as an eternal, everlasting love. And I’m here to make sure you indulge in every minute you and your partner are destined to enjoy together.

Reserve your spot for our Sidestep the “D” Word program today and gain access to 8 powerful, results-based sessions virtually guaranteed to put you back on the love train.