Premarital Counseling and Coaching Services for Atlanta, GA

Marriage can be an intimidating step, filled with the unknown. And while you can’t be prepared for everything that may happen in a marriage, you can do things to prepare. At Dream Builders Marriage Coaching & Counseling, we offer premarital counseling services to help you do everything you can to have a happy and successful marriage. If you want to strengthen your relationship, contact our office in Atlanta, GA, today.

How Premarital Counseling Can Help You

For couples that struggle in their relationship as well as those with a solid foundation, premarital counseling can offer a number of benefits. If you participate in our premarital services, you can experience:

  • Better communication: Learning to communicate openly and honestly with someone is difficult for people of all ages. However, it is a crucial part of a healthy relationship. With counseling, you and your partner can improve your communication and understand each other better.
  • Resolved issues: Whether you have personal traumas that plague your relationship or fights between you that never got resolved, premarital coaching is the perfect time to resolve and move past these issues toward a happier future.
  • Concrete plans: The future can be scary, but during our counseling sessions, we work with you to make plans for your future. These can be plans for a career, wedding, or even children. Whatever you need help to plan, we are there.
  • Experienced guidance: As a happily married couple, we have years of advice and experience that can help you overcome obstacles in your relationship. With our perspective as a couple, you can feel more confident in your relationship and future marriage.

No matter what stage of your relationship you’re in, our experienced perspective can help. We work with couples in Atlanta as well as all over the country through online video services.

If you want to improve your relationship before you get married, book your Champion the Courtship session today, available via Zoom or in our Atlanta, GA, office.

Champion the Courtship

Whether you’ve yet to walk down the aisle or you’ve been married for years, there comes a time in every marriage where you have to champion the courtship. You see, the courtship is what brought you two together and leaning into it is exactly what will keep you and your partner together.

Courting is what people call the “honeymoon phase” of the relationship where everything your partner does and says is cute and exciting. But sometimes, in marriage, the spark that used to ignite during courtship fizzles out, leaving you feeling more like roommates than a loving couple.

And those are the tough times you can count on our very own Coach Martez to guide you through. So whether you want some premarital advice on how to keep the love flowing before and after the wedding excitement wears off or are in need of some coaching on how to rekindle the flame in your marriage, you can count on us to give you steps, tools and straight talk to do precisely that.

Our Champion the Courtship program includes 8 hours of sessions concluding with a state-approved certificate of completion. For couples already married, these sessions will champion your courtship by reminding you why you fell in love, returning you to that butterfly-induced state when you couldn’t get enough of each other.