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W.W.J.D. About Those Ashley Madison Exposed

W.W.J.D. about those Ashley Madison exposed for infidelity because of the hackers. The scripture says in John 8:7 NLT, “They kept demanding an answer, so he stood up again and said, “All right, but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!”.  Yes, I am sure after reading my wife's and I story you can say that I am a bit bias.

But, today I am still happily married for 24 years after not only surviving infidelity but embracing the fact that overcoming the affairs in my marriage are what led my wife and me into our God given purpose and destiny. So, I can say with boldness and confidence that Jesus would say to those Ashley Madison exposed for infidelity the same thing He said to me in 2007, “Be careful what you curse your curse could be your blessing”. I am not saying to everyone whose spouse has cheated or desired to engage into an extramarital affair that your marriage will be restored and become happier than it has ever been before like my wife and I. But I am saying that being exposed for infidelity does not have to totally be a bad thing if you can change your perspective and really look for the good to come out of something so painful.

Please know and hear my heart I understand the pain for those who are hurting from being exposed or betrayed for infidelity, but also understand marriage and family are the greatest investments that God placed in the earth and marriage is worth fighting for when you are with your destiny partner.

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