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Thank you for visiting Healing Hearts Healing Homes, Inc 501c3 (HHHH) where our vision is to heal, educate and empower families and communities mentally and emotionally through professional coaching, counseling, workshops, seminars, and community initiatives.  Our goal is to heal the hearts of those in the family, which will heal the home and heal our communities.

Healing Hearts Healing Homes, Inc. established by Martez Layton, Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Woodrina Layton, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) to address the needs of those emotionally and mentally hurting in our communities. This includes youth, teens, adults, seniors, and married couples. Research has proven that through early intervention of counseling and life coaching, drastic reduction can occur within many of the challenges we face in our homes and communities. Healing Hearts Healing Homes, Inc. advocates for the education of the importance and benefits of counseling and life coaching through community initiatives. The organization provides the following services: individual, group, premarital, and marriage counseling; individual and group life, relationship and marriage coaching, workshops, and seminars.

The organization’s mission is to promote a positive healing process to those who are hurting from past or present emotional, mental, or psychological pain by introducing and educating on the short and long-term benefits of professional life coaching and changing the perception of counseling while reestablishing the purpose and the benefits of having healthy conversations with a professional outside of their family circle. The organization strives to collaborate with the community and other organizations to improve the quality of life for each person regardless of the challenges that they face. As well as provide information and education through workshops, seminars, and community events to raise awareness of the importance of counseling and coaching.

Join us in strengthening marriages and families!

Healing Hearts Healing Homes a registered 501 (c)(3) and we depend on the generosity of donors to further our work. Please consider joining our team!

Healing Hearts, Healing Homes helps to fulfill our mission by leading married-centered activities such as the Married 4 Life Walk and Couples' Love Celebration.