Does spirituality have a role in your relationship?

For us, spirituality has a major role in our relationship. If it was not for our faith and belief in God, we would not have overcome the many challenges that we have faced in our relationship.

When you are experiencing challenges, it is encouraging to know that there is a greater purpose. Our faith in God, belief in a higher purpose in life and prayer helps to bring us closer together and walk in spiritual oneness. Whether you pray together or separately, it is important to pray for your spouse every day.

Pray for their emotions, their affection, their purpose, their priorities and their faith. Pray for the changes that you desire to see in him or her and in your relationship. You cannot change your spouse; however God can change them and cause them to evolve into the man or woman that you have been praying for and desiring. It’s your job to pray and it’s God’s job to answer your prayers in His timing.

If you are at a place in your marriage where you do not desire to pray for your spouse because you “just don’t like him or her,” then start by praying for yourself. Ask God to help you to pray. Remember, it’s your job to ask, it’s God’s job to answer.

What will you specifically pray for your spouse or yourself today?

Remember, healthy marriages don’t happen by chance, they happen by choice.

— Coaches Martez & Woodrina


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