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Building (and Rebuilding) the Marriage of Your Dreams

Martez and Woodrina Layton

About Coach Martez & Woodrina Layton

Finding love nowadays isn’t easy.

And you know something, keeping love flowing –that’s not easy either. Ask any married couple if their marriage has been a walk in the park, and you’re bound to hear struggle stories.

Confession: Our own struggle story almost tore us apart. As relationship experts with almost 30 years in the game, we’ve been where you are. We’ve both met and danced with the temptation of infidelity and were more than once at the brink of total destruction within our marriage. But we came back from the depths of despair and brokenness – and now we want to light up that dark place for you, too.

You see, by way of our own forks in the road, we’ve discovered the key to a long- lasting relationship. And we’re here to share those keys with you so you can avoid making some of the same mistakes we did.

During our 28 years of marriage our relationship has endured struggles and triumphs – and it’s those ups and downs that have provided us with the tools, techniques and know-all to give you the kind of expert relationship advice you need to put your marriage on solid ground.

As relationship experts, marriage coaches, renowned speakers and bestselling authors, we tour the country showing couples how to wash the mud away so they can unmask and uncover the underlying issues in their relationships – leaving them to forgive, heal and move forward. And we’re here to do the same for you.

Whether you’re soul-searching and looking for guidance on how to find a healthy, bountiful relationship, about to jump the broom and want to strengthen your bond before you make a life-long commitment, or divorce is knocking on your bedroom door, Dream Builders Professional Coaching has a solution for you.

We solder marriages back together, fortify weakening relationships on the brink of break up and divorce, and construct healthy, sound foundations for life-long love and happiness – no matter the past struggles and pain you’ve endured.

Let us give you the tools and resources you need to build your marriage on solid ground. And, if the ground is already somewhat shaky, you can count on us to repair the damage, recover the trust and replant the seeds of love and affection.

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My coach, Martez Layton, did a phenomenal job at encouraging me, and helping me at a time in my life, when I felt my marriage was falling apart. Of course, I turned to God, which He lead me to someone who could help me further. coached me into seeing what was the underlying problem and in the midst,I found myself.

I've learned so much from him, steps which improved me!! Changed me!! And, Made me investigate my own self, my own purpose and my motives, And now, my marriage is much stronger!! 

I, now, love my husband more today. My love for my husband has grew stronger and more exciting. I am so Blessed it will be 15 years in April that I've been married to my Spouse.  Thanks Coach!

Marlo Williams

Marlo, Memphis, TN


“My wife and I had been in marital counseling for years, and had largely overcome most of the big & painful struggles.  BUT, we felt we were just barely ok, not doing really good or great.  If felt like a slippery slope, like one thing goes wrong and we might be in trouble.  So we went to Martez & Woodrina for marriage life coaching.  They were awesome in helping us both understand what we lacked and how to get it, so that we might become great together.  It was a lot of work, but great stuff.  We even had that one fateful bad event in the middle of our time with them, and they were able to pull us through, and we are stronger because of it.  So we owe a great deal of thanks to them!”  

Joshua Hermiz Picture

Joshua and Laura, Virginia Beach, VA


November of 2011 I felt that I couldn't get pass the infidelity I had encounter in our marriage. The church where we partner has a marriage ministry where at that time Martez and Woodrina Layton were the ministry leaders. After attending one of their workshops and finding out that they were marriage coaches, I reached out to them for help.

That was the best thing I could have done.  We have been married almost 21 years. Our marriage is better and stronger than it's ever been. Martez and Woodrina we thank you for DreamBuilders Professional Coaching it saved our marriage. We love you both to life.

Ron and Sheron

Ron and Sheron J., Elizabeth City, NC


Martez and Woodrina Layton are a blessed couple of God! Their obedience to the Spirit is evident in their lifestyle and extends to their life and marriage coaching and counseling sessions.  My wife and I are forever grateful for the opportunity to have crossed paths with them, and our marriage is substantially better because of it.

Prior to beginning our marriage coaching sessions with Martez and Woodrina, our life was plagued by marital discord…everything ranging from infidelity, to unruly children, to unforgiveness.  Martez and Woodrina offered a chance for us to learn how to communicate effectively, discover our love languages and mind-styles, and establish healthy boundaries to help mitigate some of our previous shortcomings. 

We can’t thank you enough for your prayers, your encouragement, and your wisdom. May God continue to enlarge your territory and increase your impact!

Sal_Dionna cropped

Sal and Dionna




About Coach Martez Layton

Martez LaytonMartez is a Certified Professional Life/Marriage Coach who earned his certification from the International Coaching Academy; which is accredited through the International Coaching Federation.  He has been coaching, counseling, ministering, mentoring and speaking for over 15 years.

Martez served 12 years in the US Navy, including a deployment to Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield.  After military service, Martez and Woodrina opened Quality Cleaners, a dry cleaning business in Pensacola, Florida. They went on to start Dream Builders Professional Coaching in 2008.

Martez has a message that is dynamic, inspiring and redemptive.  He inspires, enthuses, facilitates and teaches people to believe in the dream that is in their heart.  His communication skills and coaching skills invite people to embrace faith, hope and life with expectancy.  He is passionate, enthusiastic and possesses a strong skill for developing positive thinking.  Those who partner with him acknowledge feelings of fulfillment, motivation, passion and purpose.

  • Author of self-published book “How to Overcome an Affair: 7 Proven Ways to Restore Love and Trust in your Marriage”.
  • Author of several articles on affair prevention and recovery, many of which are published on this site.
  • Expert Author and Marriage Expert at selfgrowth.com.
  • Founding member of IMPACT (International Member of Professional Advisors, Counselors, and Trainers).

About Woodrina Layton

Woodrina Layton is a Therapist and Marriage Coach who is passionate about seeing individuals, couples, and families move towards healing, wholeness, and reconciliation. She is a compassionate and caring professional with years’ experience working with individuals, groups, couples, and children in a variety of contexts.

Woodrina seeks to create a trusting, caring, and compassionate therapeutic environment employing an integrated therapeutic approach to meet the individual needs of her clients. She helps individuals and couples to identify and build upon their strengths in order to address their present problems and develop solutions that will work for them.

  • Bachelor’s in Education from the University of Memphis
  • Master's in Education from Regent University
  • Master's in Counseling from Regent University
  • National Board Certified Counselor
  • Licensed Professional Counselor