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5 Proven Tips to Restore Your Marriage After Infidelity

Tip 1:  Resist playing the blame game When overcoming an affair one of the biggest hurdles that stand in front of your heart regarding forgiveness is blame.   Blame does so much damage to your thoughts because the root of blame is hurt and at the core of hurt is pain, bitterness and anger.  To truly…

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What My Wife’s Affair Taught Me

I know that most people would say that an affair is the worst sin that a spouse could commit. I remember growing up as a child this is what I heard from my mother. The reason that she decided to leave my father was because he had cheated. So, all of my childhood and teenage…

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Infidelity in the Christian Marriage

I have been in the Christian community all of my life, but I cannot remember one time ever hearing someone teach on affairs in the church. I remember hearing about preachers cheating, the deacon cheating and the church secretaries cheating but never hearing or seeing this issue being dealt with in an educational or informational…

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Standing Beside Your Spouse After an Affair

Many people feel as if having an affair means that your marriage and your relationship are over. Normally, after an affair the spouse who is the victim, feels ashamed because of what people may say or think. It is this shame and guilt that causes the victim to want to hide and not be seen…

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Should I Leave My Cheating Spouse?

Making the right decision at this emotional crossroad will affect you, your spouse and your children. Due to the nature and the pain of dealing with an affair, it is very important not to make decisions from the emotions of anger or bitterness. This is the time in your life where deeply rooted questions about…

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