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Questions? All you have to do is ask.

If you need advice, about life, relationships, premarital or marital challenges, Coach Martez wants to help you find those answers that you're looking for.

Often times in life we get stuck because we think that we are missing the answer.  However, that is actually the opposite of the truth because we have the answer inside of us. What we are missing, is being asked the right question.

Consequently, you will be amazed by the questions you ask; which will cause you to discover hidden answers within yourself.  Furthermore, being asked the right question prevents you from being stuck.

Coach Martez has over 25 years of marital experience and 12 years of military experience. He and Woodrina started their first business at 30 years old with 13 full time employees.  Along with being a husband, he is a father of two adult children, whom both received academic scholarships to Clark Atlanta University.

Most of all, he is passionate about seeing others living their dreams and never allowing anything to stop them from fulfilling the call of God upon their lives.  Martez often says, "All hard questions require heart answers."

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