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4th Annual Married 4 Life Walk & Couples Mixer in Atlanta April 25, 2020!!

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Couples from all over the country that are committed to marriage

Hear what others said about the 2018 2nd Annual Married 4 Life Walk!

Married 4 Life Walk

An Initiative of Healing Hearts Healing Homes, Inc. to promote healthy marriages


The Married 4 Life Walk is an initiative striving to help couples of different religious denominations, ethnicities, and backgrounds to build strong marriage relationships. Healing Hearts Healing Homes, Inc. strives to play a pivotal role in strengthening marriages across the community through prayer for marriages and families, activities for married couples, and support services that promote unity in marriage and commitment to marriage.  The ultimate organizational objective is to change lives and impact families for generations to come by building strong Christian marriage relationships.


Through the Married 4 Life Walk, the organization’s purpose is to serve God by helping married couples strengthen the bond of marriage by promoting the powerful biblical principle of “Walking in Unity” with God throughout the marriage journey. “Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction?” (Amos 3:3)

Healing Heart Healing Homes, Inc. intends to engage married couples across the community in activities that promote and reinforce the principle of “Walking in Unity” as it pertains to the bond between a husband, his wife, and God. The goal is for couples to embrace and apply this principle as well as let it bring strength to their marriages. We will help to fulfill this mission by leading married-centered activities that demonstrate this principle, such as the Marriage Walk.

Marriage Empowerment: Understanding the Need

Martez Layton, the visionary for the Married 4 Life Walk, found himself in a situation where he and his wife Woodrina were fighting for their marriage and family. Being a man full of faith, Martez heard the spirit of the Lord speak to his heart by instructing him, “to hold Woodrina’s hand each day and simply walk and talk with her.” Those simple walks strengthened their marriage and enabled them to overcome infidelity in their marriage. Both Martez and Woodrina witnessed firsthand the empowering results of the special bond that is created while simply taking the time to walk and talk hand in hand.

Marriage is the foundation for the family and families are the backbone to every community. Regardless of your race, gender, religious beliefs, or financial status, being a part of a family with a strong healthy marriage makes a world of a difference. There are numerous proven benefits for children raised in a home with married parents. Strong healthy marriages help to reduce poverty, crime, and failing grades in school, while improving physical and mental health.

The Married 4 Life Walk primarily focuses on marriages between a man and a woman but wants to bring all nationalities and those of different religious faiths into the community together.  The distance for the walk is 2 miles which will allow those of all ages to participate; completing the 2 miles represents finishing strong as a unit.

Overall, marriages in America are currently failing in drastic numbers. However, Healing Hearts Healing Homes, Inc. desires to come together with one purpose. This unity walk could be the match that lights the fire for couples to stay in the fight for their marriages.

What to expect

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To Connect and create a deeper bond with their spouses - This hand-in-hand walk is a simple but powerful reminder that regardless of what storms we face, we will hold on to each other and never let go.

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To Share with other couples - We've all experienced struggles in our lives and marriages.  Couples will walk together, encouraging each other to hold on through challenges.

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To Stand with others - There is power in community! Join with others who also are committed to stronger and healthier marriages.

Testimonies from the 2017 Married 4 Life Walk



Do you have to be married to attend this event? 

No, this event is also open to couples who are engaged, seriously dating or committed to being married.

Do I need to register for this event to attend?

Yes, registration is required.

How do I receive the military service discount for the walk event? 

When purchasing your ticket be sure to type in the promotional code: Iserved  Thank you for your service!

Please be reminded that proof of military service will be required when picking up your items to retain your discount.  Failure to do so will result in your payment of the full difference in price in order to attend the event(s).


What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

Parking will be available. Please visit  for additional parking options and updates. and be sure to check your email after you register.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please feel free to email our organizers for any additional questions that you may have at

Is there a cost for the event?

Yes, general admission tickets for the walk event is:

  • $50 per couple

Yes, all ticket prices and information can be found upon registering for the event.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

No, you can check in using your electronic device or printed ticket.

Does my spouse need to be with me to attend this event?

Yes. It is recommended that your spouse attend with you as the walk focuses on holding hands and making a commitment together.

How long is the walk for the event? 

The Unity Walk itself is  a total of two miles from start to finish.

What is the Married 4 Life Couples Mixer?


The Married 4 Life Couples Mixer is an evening event which takes place after the Married 4 Life Walk, allowing couples to celebrate their love for one another, further reaffirming their commitment "never let go of the hand you are holding." This event will showcase performances by R&B Legend and BET Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Ronnie DeVoe, and his wife, platinum recording artist, and actress Shamari DeVoe. There will also be a DJ, a live band, comedian, an exclusive celebrity meet and greet, dancing and much more.

When and Where will the Married 4 Life Couples Mixer take place?  

The Couples Mixer & Love Celebration will take place the evening of the Married 4 Life Walk from 7:00pm - 11pm location TBA.

What is the best way to stay informed with the latest information and updates about both events?

Be sure to like us on

and follow us on @ married4lifewalk.